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Alterinnov is an engineering company based in Luxembourg, specialized in project management and waste valorization. Alterinnov’s answer to environmental issues is based on research and implementation of innovative solutions. Our fields of expertise are : waste recycling, innovation and European projects’ management, international market surveys.

ANETAME Ingénierie  is an engineering and consulting firm providing environmental services to municipalities and companies, in order to reduce their environmental impact and minimize the risks while optimizing the management of natural and financial resources.

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CEM Conseil : is a consulting company providing operational expertise in the production of alternative and natural materials used in construction and public works. CEM helps enterprises and municipalities collect, recycle and valorize construction waste and excavated earth.

DCC SàRL is an expert in wood management and wood panel manufacturing. The company aims at optimizing manufacturing processes, improving raw materials’ management and implementing adequate recycling methods in the wood based panel industry.

logo evidenceEVIDENCE is an independant engineering company, specialized in industrial engineering and environment provides characterization services, legal, technical and financial assistance in the fields of waste prevention, materials and equipments’ selection. Evidence provides vocational training dedicated to waste management and sustainable construction.

Frédéric Sanchez Conseil specializes in environmental audits, market studies and consulting. FS Conseil provides diagnostics and waste management solutions to industrial companies willing to implement and optimize their waste streams. FS Conseil identifies valorization and recycling channels and provides assistance with contracting and project management.

INNOmaterials is a company based in Switzerland and Luxembourg, whose concept is to help industries solving their technical problems. The company proposes new materials, using their extensive professional experience acquired in industry. INNOmaterials also organizes external developments through an international R & D network, possibly supported by local or international subsidies. Their development focuses on products with high added value (technical rubbers, surface coatings, composites, bio-sourced products, etc.) or towards the valorization of secondary raw materials, such as those derived from rubber.

JLR Conseil is an engineering company specialized in studies on economics and social assessment about land planning policies. We help and lead decision-makers in the transportation sector : accessibility, public and goods transport and also tourism. The expertise of JLR Conseil is based on his involvement with several public and private organizations, in France and abroad, on data analysis and system modelling, with geomatics/GIS skills.

PanaBee  is a newly created company specialized in industrial clean  technologies. It offers missions of expertise and consulting on eco-innovative processes in the sectors of waste and water treatment.

PanaBee also invests in its own technologies for process water recycling.


Olivier Wathelet is an anthropologist & innovation consultant. He helps organisations (from large firms to governments) to better know about human behaviours and better connect users to their products and services creation process.  He teaches also those tools and methods in design and business schools and regularly publishes on topics related to the links between design, innovation and value creation for users.

logo stratysStratys is a consulting firm specialized in the field of prospective applied to strategy. With the aim to favor a more sustainable development, the company provides guidance to private and public policy makers who wish to develop a long term vision of their market, territory, business and scope of activities. Ecology, resilience, green economy, innovation and collaborative projects are key words used by Stratys. Its methodology, based on collective intelligence, is backed by qualitative and quantitative techniques.

logo viasourcingVIASOURCING is specialized in sustainable purchasing and waste management. Viasourcing aims to reduce the amount of waste to be landfilled through waste production-avoiding strategies (eco-conception, returnable packaging, inventory management, procurement policies…) and costs reduction (donations, re-use, recycling, valorization).

VIAREP, an Independent consulting firm, develops an operational consulting activity mainly in complex contexts: landlords, urban centers, companies … It is an expert in collective housing : improving the management of bulky items, appropriation of the collection mechanisms OMR and selective sorting, sensitization, training (circular economy …), optimization of contracts, re-use.