2016 :

  • An analysis of the adequacy of waste paper grades in France (ADEME)
  • Benchmark européen de la qualité des sortes papetières (ECOFOLIO)
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the batteries and accumulators’ market in France (ADEME)
  • State of the art of industrial furniture waste recycling facilities in Europe (VALDELIA)
  • Study on market opportunities for an innovative mobile hard-drives destruction system (ERAIK)

2015 :

  • Worlwide inventory of asbestos recycling technologies (RECORD)
  • Quarry waste management and prospective (DREAL)
  • Inventory of environmental research centers in Europe
  • European inventory of wood recycling technologies and processes

Some previous referencesQuelques références antérieures:

  • Implementation of a Zero Waste Production projet – 2014
  • Organic waste valorization – Feasability study and introduction of an innovative vermicomposting production process – 2013
  • Management of international projects, marketing and sales support for sawmill products in China – 2012
  • Prospective study on food industries in Lorraine – Strengths and weaknesses of the local territory – 2011
  • Feasibility study on the implementation of an incentive-based tariff program
  • Works Management Assistance (drafting of specifications and contracts, consultations)
  • Characterization of separate collection waste, municipal and bulky waste in order to determine the ratios of recoverable waste
  • Waste management follow up and diagnostics aimed at waste minimisation